Tuesday, December 9, 2008

William's 9 month check up

William had his 9 month check up last week. He weighed 21 lbs and 7 oz (which was 66% on the curve) and 28 1/2 in. long (58% on the curve). Everything looked fine. He was a little low on iron so he has to be tested again next month for it. He was 10.6 in iron but I don't know what normal is. They just are going to watch it so I guess no immediate danger. The doctor said he was really standing well for a 9 monther and that she wouldn't be surprised if he went straight into walking - AH!!!! At this point he has no desire to crawl but we are working on it daily. He LOVES to stand with help though.

I finished my sunroom the other day. I have two more decorative pillows to pick up that are done but I haven't gotten by the place to get them. I will post pics when I get some good ones. I LOVE it and am so glad it is done. It was the last room to get done yet it opens up to the den so everyone who comes over sees it so it needed to be done.

We went and saw Nana and Pop today - they were great and William behaved for them. He seemed to enjoy all their Christmas musical things. We even had a discussion on whether one of their toys was a monkey or bear and later I picked it up and it made a noise. Nana was shocked. The noise was that of a monkey so problem solved.

Shug and Dada invited William over to spend the night last night. Matt and I were so excited about a night off. We dropped him off at 5:45. We even video taped it to mark this big night of his life. Matt and I then went to dinner with friends and before it was even completely over Mom called. William was having a FIT. A MAJOR FIT! He was throwing a tantrum. My sweet little William has learned to be mad and boy can he show it. He must have gotten that from Matt :) j.k. Mom had done EVERYTHING we told her to do. So we left our little get together and went to pick him up. So 3 hours later we were video taping the pick up. How funny. He slept the entire night and didn't even get up until 8:30 this morning. The dr. said he would be going through separation anxiety right now and we have seen it. If I just walk out of the room he melts. Ah... what to do. He plays great on his own but someone HAS to be in the room. I don't know what to do. Anyway, we will try spending the night with Shug and Dada again soon. Matt and I might be spending the night too so we can help him cope with it. Hopefully he will out grow some of this separation anxiety.

Matt and I are having about 10 people over next Monday for a Christmas dinner. It is just family (julie, josh, ac, mallory, beth, mom, dad, betty, betsy, nana, and pop). We did this last year. We have had so much fun planning dessert. Last year we did chocolate mouse with cool whip snowmen on top. Well they were supposed to be snowmen. They melted a little and were a little leany and not quite snowmen looking. We got a GREAT laugh out of it. SO this year, we are trying to do something that will work but be creative. We have some great ideas. Luckily Matt loves to cook and bake. He is more excited about it than I am. It is great that he wants to help and be creative.

Other than that - Merry Christmas if I don't get a chance to write again until then.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Matt and I were asked to bring a dessert to the Thanksgiving meal that mom was making. With Chelsea's help locating a GREAT website with many great ideas - Matt and I came up with what we wanted to do for dessert. We created a Turkey out of three different cakes. We served red velvet, spice, and chocolate. With many hours hard at work - we completed the cake. I think it turned out well considering we didn't know what in the world we were doing. It definitely turned out better than our snowmen dessert we tried to make for Christmas last year :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We spent the day looking at fabric (to redue our sunroom) and getting a Christmas tree and decorating. I really don't like decorating but I LOVE having a decorated house for Christmas. So..... with some encouragement from Matt we did decorate. Everything is done except the tree and it is in its stand ready to be decorated tomorrow. Maybe I will decorate it during the Ga/Ga Tech halftime tomorrow. Go dawgs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well not much going on here. William has his 3rd tooth coming in. It is also on the bottom. I was told by everyone that it would be the bottom 2 then the top 2 but not with William. He will have 3 across the bottom. He still isn't crawling and doesn't act real interested in doing it but we are working on it daily. He stays quite busy though - always moving in our arms - it is so hard to give him a bottle because he doesn't want to sit still. I am afraid to see how active he will be when he can crawl/walk. Oh Boy!

Julie and I are playing in an informal tennis tournament this weekend. We are so excited. We signed up to play doubles together but not enough 4.0 players signed up so they are splitting us up and putting us with other people so they can put us in the 3.5 bracket. I don't think Julie and I are quite 4.0 players anyway but it is sad we can't play with each other - that would be the first time in a tournament since High School. Oh well, next time. If any of you hear of a tournament near this area (Macon or south of it) let me know - I want to play more!!!! I know Macon has some and I need to know when - Miriam and Cal tell me so I can come up and play! Anyway, hopefully we will get paired with people that are decent and one of us can still win.

Other than that - nothing going on. Hope all is well with everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is me with the two people I am named after!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nothing New

Many of you have asked me if I am blogging anymore - yes when there is something new to blog about. I have been working a lot in the last two weeks (3 days a week) and staying busy. I actually only have to work 3 days this month so that is GREAT! William is growing so fast! I will post some updated pics soon. He is not crawling or moving yet. He has started saying MaMa but he doesn't know what that means. I am now playing tennis weekly and I love playing. I won my match this morning so I am very excited. And that is about it..... boring I know but at least you now realize why I haven't blogged. I promise - as soon as something new or exciting happens in my life - I will blog about it.

Friday, October 10, 2008


So Matt and I were just enjoying his fall break. We took turns getting up with William while the other one slept. It was so peaceful and restful. I was cleaning the house while Matt worked in the yard. We had a list of things that needed to get done this week. So there I am being the ideal housewife doing laundry when all of a sudden a BIG load of clothes were put in the dryer and it wouldn't turn on. That is right, nothing would turn on! Uh....... The good thing was that we knew that it had not been working right for awhile now so we had told Matt's dad that we needed a new one. (Matt's dad works at Lowes and gets discounts on scratched or damaged items - for a dryer that is going to sit in a utility room, looks don't matter) Well about a month ago, Mr. Casper called us and had us a GREAT dryer for a CHEAP price. ) So the blessing is that we already had a new dryer - but it was in Athens. So, within about one hour, we had packed and were off. While on the way to Athens, it was raining with the sun out so we were looking for rainbows. We saw a double rainbow that was glowing it was so bright. It was beautiful. I have attached some pics and a video. Anyway, we went to Mr. Casper's last night - today we are in the mts visiting Nana and Pop and tomorrow we go back to Mr. Caspers. So it has become a fun trip and we are getting to visit a lot of family. For the list of things to be done in T'ville, it will remain undone until maybe Thanksgiving break :)

Monday, September 29, 2008


Sat we had 8 trees cut down and a ton of branches that were above our roof. Our inspector over 2 years ago told us that we needed to get them cut and we haven't done it. Then good ole Fay came along and after seeing all the trees down at Mom and Dad's house, Matt and I decided we better take care of it. They did a great job and I love that my backyard is more open! We might even get daring enough to plant a garden back there next year. I hated some of the trees and it was a delight to see them go. The whole process was fun to watch and William loved watching all the stuff going on outside. He is SO alert.

Well, Georgia unfortunately lost on Sat. I cannot even talk about it because it makes me so mad that we allowed them to score 31 points in the first half. Ah.... Anyway, William was in his black and proud of it. I have included captions to let you know what he was thinking!

Go Dawgs! I love the blackout!

Yeah - I get to watch it at Shug and Dada's house!

Grrrrrrrr. I'm not scared of Alabama!

Ew.... I hope I never have to watch that game again!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally updating!

It is hard to believe that it has been a month since I have posted. Sorry for the delay. It seems like my days are going by so quickly and I don't have time to sit down and right. I don't know where to begin since SO much has happened over the last month.

To start off, Julie and I DID finish our vests. They are reversible. Julie and I chose one fabric that was the same so we could be identical if we ever needed to be. I will just have to remember where I put the vest when the time comes. :) Here are a few pics of us in them. The class was a blast - now if I could only remember how to bobbin my thread???? Aren't the vests great????
Here we are wearing the same side to be identical twins!
We reversed them and now we are no longer identical!

Reversible Vests!

William - wow has he grown. He weighed 18lbs at his 6 month check up. He is such a happy baby. God truly has blessed Matt and I. He is eating baby food now which he LOVES. He LOVES bananas and doesn't care too much for the green beans but I make him eat them anyway. We had a terrible night the other night (screaming a lot which is unlike him) and we gave him gas medicine, tylenol, and then orajel not knowing what was going on. To our great amazement, he had a tooth break through the skin! He is such a big boy now. He is rolling over AND sits up pretty well. It is amazing how much he learns everyday. He is quite an observer and so he doesn't miss a beat. I have attached a couple of pics so you can see how much he has grown - enjoy.
Yes, I still put my hands on my head when I get tired!

Sitting like a big boy!

Sitting in a restaurant high chair for the first time - I was with Nana and Pop!

Do I look cool or what?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sewing Classes

Okay - Julie and I decided to take sewing classes from Niler. We thought this would be a great time to learn how to use our machines and read a pattern so maybe we can sew somethings on our own. Julie and I are both fortunate enough to have gotten sewing machines from family. Julie got Mema's sewing machine and I got Matt's mom's sewing machine. We knew they were old but Niler called them antique. So..... our first class was quite an experience. To start the class off, Niler asks us to turn our machines on. Well, Julie and I couldn't find our on/off switch so Niler came over and said "You don't have one - your machines are just on when you plug them in." Okay. So then she showed everyone where their light switch was on the machine. Once again, our machines' lights were already on. Oh...... we don't have a switch - the light comes on automatically when we plug the machine on. As she does an introduction to the machines, everyone is finding the different parts on their machine. At SEVERAL points she just looked at Julie and I and said - don't worry about looking, your machine doesn't have one! Julie and I just kept laughing. Finally it was time to thread the machine. As everyone is following Niler's instructions - Julie and I got more and more lost bc our machines of course were not like everyone else's. Finally Niler pulled up a chair between us and started trying to read our manuals (that were decaying :). Good news, Niler got both our machines up and working. So Julie and I sat back and just sighed a relief. (the $75 dollars for the class was not refundable) Anyway, Julie and I would look at each other and just laugh as we were practicing our sewing on scrap pieces of material. Julie's pedal to her sewing machine is like a button so we kept getting tickeled because she was having a hard time keeping it pressed. Her whole foot had to come off the ground to push it. Luckily mine was a typical sewing pedal. We then learned how to reverse to finish a stitch. My reverse button is not a lever like everyone else but a button. I have to push it in and hold it in to reverse. This button takes both hands to press so I am sewing without guiding the material. Julie, on the other hand, was given a homework assignment - read her manual and FIND her reverse button (not even Niler could find it). At this point Julie and I are about to wet our pants with laughter. So as we try to keep composed, Niler tells us that instead of picking out a pattern on our own (Julie and I had already gotten excited over picking a pattern but not any more) she was going to give us a pattern and the whole class was going to do the same thing. As Julie and I are listening, she then goes on about how we are making vests. VESTS????? Did I hear that right? Why would I make a vest? When would I wear it? Trying to keep from laughing out loud - she goes on to say that it will be reversible and that one side should be nice so we can wear it to church! Church???? We would be lucky if it even looks like a vest when we finish - much less would I wear a vest to church. At this point, I am praying Julie doesn't look at me. We are both laughing quietly and I can see her shoulders shaking with laughter. If she had turned and looked at me we would have both lost it! I am sure I would have wet my pants! I am laughing so hard right now thinking about it that I am crying. Matt just asked me what I was doing that was so funny. Oh you just had to be there. So on our way out, Niler said she enjoyed a challenge and was looking forward to working with our antique machines. She also gave us extra scraps of material for extra practice. Whew.... we made it through our first class.

So with great excitement, Julie and I went and got our fabric on Tuesday. We went straight for the sale rack and we will never wear these vests again. We definitely found some material that we thought would be funny (tacky) but decided to go with something not so bad so we don't offend Niler.

We go back on Monday and start on our vests. I will be sure to take a picture of us wearing our $75 vests when we finish. I can't wait to Monday and the joy it will bring me.

Other people's machines - Aren't they nice?

Julie's machine on the left and mine on the right - don't they look nice?

My machine!

William and his Command Center

We put together William's "Command Center" this week. He loves it. Thanks Chelsea for the great gift!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

William laughing!

There is just nothing like hearing your baby laugh! Don't ask about what Matt is doing - we are willing to do anything stupid and crazy to get William to laugh!

Soon to come: Julie and I started sewing classes on Monday. It was the funniest thing ever - I am going to post about it but keep putting it off bc I know I can't do it justice. I can definitely talk about it with Julie and we would have y'all all laughing but to write it in words - ohhhh.... that is tough for someone like me. So maybe I will take the challenge and write about it tonight or tomorrow. Definitely an event for the Terry Twins.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pulling Late Night Duty

So for those of you that are parents, you will understand this:

Matt and I have very little time between work and taking care of William so our yard has gotten a little messy. It is definitely not first priority for us. Anyway, Matt mowed yesterday while I was watching William. However, mowing was just one of the many things that needed to be done. Our gardens had been over taken by weeds. It was terrible and embarrassing. But when would we have time to go out there and pull weeds when William has to be watched? Before William, our garden was always looking good bc we had time. I tell you, once you have a child - you have NO time to get things done since someone always has to be with your child. Anyway, William went down at 8:15 yesterday and Matt and I decided it was time to pull weeds. So we started with the sun setting but by the time the sun had gone down, we were not near done. This was a good excuse to quit, but I am one of those that needs to finish what I start. Plus, when would I be able to get back out there and finish it? So, with flashlights, we continued pulling weeds. There we were, kneeling with flashlights trying to pull weeds in the dark. I am sure it was quite a sight. We thought it was pretty smart, no gnats, no heat, and no one having to entertain William. Our neighbors thought it was amusing. Two of them came out of their house to make a point in telling us that when it got dark, you stop working outside. We reminded them that their children were grown and that this was the only time we had to get it done. We did finish at 9:30 last night and all the weeds were pulled. However, as the pictures below show, some of our mondo grass got pulled too. Oops! And yes, I realize you can see some of the tarp - we also need to get more pinestraw!
(I don't know why the pictures turned vertically - they are horizontal on my computer - anyone know how to fix this?)

Now this one was already small - not near as big as the ones around it but it still got pulled a little more than it should! Since it was smaller - it was overlooked by our flashlights! Stupid darkness!
Yes, that is mondo grass at the top - just a little thing! Oh and yes, this is a different mondo grass than the one above. :)

Next time maybe we won't pull weeds in the dark - Luckily we do have some extra mondo grass that we can put there to hide our mistakes!


William has learned not to only put his hands behind his head when sleeping but also when just watching what is going on around him.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is it the Michelin tire boy?

So we were at Julie's house ALL weekend having our biannual cookoff. It is absolutely miserable but worth it in the end. Julie and I cook ALL weekend long. We cook anything that we can think of that will freeze and that will take too long to make one night or makes too much for just the family. This is a time when you do NOT want to be near the kitchen bc things are flying. For those of you that know us well, know the Julie and I mean business when we start a project and can't stand to be interrupted or put on hold for anything. So it was great the William behaved. As you can see, William was not at all interested in the craziness going on in the kitchen. He was the ONLY one relaxed!

For those curious, here is a list of what was made:

10 bags of Gumbo

9 bags of Bean and Ham soup

16 bags of Taco Soup

12 bags of Speghetti sauce

6 lasagnes

8 Chicken Tetrazinis

4 meatloafs

So after all that was done - William needed a bath! Actually with all the sweating that Julie and I were doing, we needed a bath more but William's bedtime was soon so we had to bath him. When Julie saw the rolls on William she HAD to take a picture of him. Just so you know, he does NOT have that many rolls it was how Matt was holding him. Anyway, I thought they were funny pics so I am including them. What a big boy! I think he may out weigh Davis! Nothing like two healthy boys - right Lauren?

Mom's Birthday

Here are just some more pics from Mom's birthday!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

AC singing Happy B'day to Shug!

So Anna Claire sang Happy Birthday to Shug ALL day on mom's birthday. It was so cute. She even sang it SEVERAL times in Belks so that everyone knew it was mom's birthday. She was so cute singing it that I HAD to get it on tape and share it with all of you. Enjoy and happy birthday Shug!

Friday, August 1, 2008

William LOVES his high chair

Here is William loving his high chair - or maybe he just knows that the rice cereal was being made at this time and he was excited about eating!

Pick Me - I want rice cereal!!!!!

William chilling in his High Chair

As Matt and I eat dinner, William sits back, relaxes, and enjoys the conversation! This is the way he is EVERYTIME we sit down for dinner.