Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anyone still reading my blog???

It has been 11 months since I last wrote - wonder if anyone even checks my page anymore. Hmmm..... we will see. It's sad looking back at last year's pics and videos and realizing how much William has grown over the year. Moms - enjoy every minute of it because it goes by too fast!

Let's see - where to even begin..... I had a very busy year working. Things have slacked off a little as schools are getting out. I am offering a couple of trainings in June and July so I am staying busy throughout the summer. Luckily Matt is home so he can stay with William. I have been told I have a contract for next year (which is HUGE considering RESA was out of the state budget for awhile). I am not sure how many days I am down to work but I will take anything. I love being part-time and don't want to do anything else right now.

William has grown tremendously. He attended First United Methodist Church Preschool Tues. and Thurs. this year. He loved it and asked for his teachers every morning when he woke up. I think the interaction with other kids and adults have been so rewarding. I am so thankful we decided to put him in preschool. Next year he will go Mon., Wed., and Fri. I am amazed at his voc. He can say the complete alphabet and recognize almost all letters. He can count to 15 and knows all his colors and shapes. He loves to sing so he is constantly singing either the Blessing, the alphabet song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, or Old MacDonald. These are his favorite songs. He has started sleeping in his "big boy bed" off and on. He decides between the bed and crib at this point. By summer, he will be in the "big boy bed." It amazes me how much he grows and learns WEEKLY.

Matt and I are wanting a second child. We have had 3 miscarriages since I last wrote. This has been a VERY tough year for us. Who would have thought that in a year - I would not be holding a newborn but instead seeing a Specialist in Jacksonville, Fl. My heart still aches tremendously for our loss of our babies. There are ultrasound pics of 2 of the 3 on our refrigerator. I am not sure when if ever they will come down. They are our babies and I will never stop loving them even though I never got to hold them. I pray that we get pregnant again soon and we actually get to meet the little one 9 months later. I am not sure how many losses Matt and I can emotionally take. The Specialist is doing what he can to help prevent another miscarriage but he has made it clear that I am a HIGH risk and about a 50/50 chance of a miscarriage next time. Supposedly my egg quality is not so great! I can't change my egg quality so I just have to trust the Lord that he will provide us with another healthy baby in His timing.

Okay, enough of that - I am rejoicing in Julie's new baby girl Madelyn. She is precious and was born April 30th. She is TINY and precious in every way!

No major plans this summer - not going to Wisconsin like we normally do. Matt's family from Indiana is coming into town for Father's Day weekend. We are going to the beach for 4th of July and that is about it. William is taking swim lessons so that should be interesting. Matt is doing little jobs here and there to help out with the bills so he will stay busy.

I will try and post some pics! Enjoy.