Monday, July 27, 2009

Just some videos!

Here are some videos of William. He will be 17 months old next week - hard to believe. In the second video he is singing the blessing. You probably can't interpret it but it is the one Anna Claire learned at the First Methodist Church Preschool. He even reaches out for our hands to hold when he sings it. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing New

I realize I haven't written in awhile. I would like to say that I have SO much to share - but to be totally honest, there is not much to share. Right now I feel like I have been working a whole lot. I only work part time as a Math Consultant with SW RESA but with schools in this area about to start, we are REALLY busy. I will work 10 out of 13 days this month. Not what I call part time. Other than that, I am at home with William. He is learning so much lately. His new trick is taking his dirty diaper, putting it in the Diaper Champ, and then turning the handle. We can leave a diaper anywhere in the house and he will take it to his room and dispose of it. We are trying to teach him to pick up after himself at an early age - now if we could only get him to pick up the mess he creates around the house EVERYDAY! I can't keep the house clean before he destroys it all over again. He is definitely go go go..... ALL BOY! We are thinking about taking the pacifier away from him for good not this weekend but the next. He ONLY gets it for naps and bedtime - not around the house - but he goes for it as soon as we put him down in his crib and he cries when he can't find it. Ah..... I dread taking it away but I feel like at almost 17 months, it is time.

We had a crazy summer. I had 3.5 weeks off total. We went to my cousin's wedding and I loved seeing all the family. We then visited Matt's dad and then Nana and Pop in the mountains. We came home for four days and then went to the beach for about a week and then Wisconsin to visit Matt's family for 4 days and then I went to work a day after getting home from WI. Not much rest but I am glad we both had the time off to see everyone.

We did have to give Indy away. He snapped at Anna Claire about a month and a half ago. We don't think he meant any harm but we couldn't just assume it wouldn't happen again and the next time he wouldn't do harm so we found him a home. He is with a great family from church. He seems to be doing great there. We miss him but not having the responsibility of the dog has been nice - I won't lie. Matt is just waiting on Kitty to do something so we have to get rid of him too but I told Matt that Kitty won't. He doesn't care to much for Kitty.

Now that I have bored you - I will go. I will try to write a little more often (notice I didn't say often but a little more often). As long as I have nothing to write about - nothing has changed so we are doing good! I do still read y'all's postings so keep it up!