Friday, October 10, 2008


So Matt and I were just enjoying his fall break. We took turns getting up with William while the other one slept. It was so peaceful and restful. I was cleaning the house while Matt worked in the yard. We had a list of things that needed to get done this week. So there I am being the ideal housewife doing laundry when all of a sudden a BIG load of clothes were put in the dryer and it wouldn't turn on. That is right, nothing would turn on! Uh....... The good thing was that we knew that it had not been working right for awhile now so we had told Matt's dad that we needed a new one. (Matt's dad works at Lowes and gets discounts on scratched or damaged items - for a dryer that is going to sit in a utility room, looks don't matter) Well about a month ago, Mr. Casper called us and had us a GREAT dryer for a CHEAP price. ) So the blessing is that we already had a new dryer - but it was in Athens. So, within about one hour, we had packed and were off. While on the way to Athens, it was raining with the sun out so we were looking for rainbows. We saw a double rainbow that was glowing it was so bright. It was beautiful. I have attached some pics and a video. Anyway, we went to Mr. Casper's last night - today we are in the mts visiting Nana and Pop and tomorrow we go back to Mr. Caspers. So it has become a fun trip and we are getting to visit a lot of family. For the list of things to be done in T'ville, it will remain undone until maybe Thanksgiving break :)