Friday, November 28, 2008


Matt and I were asked to bring a dessert to the Thanksgiving meal that mom was making. With Chelsea's help locating a GREAT website with many great ideas - Matt and I came up with what we wanted to do for dessert. We created a Turkey out of three different cakes. We served red velvet, spice, and chocolate. With many hours hard at work - we completed the cake. I think it turned out well considering we didn't know what in the world we were doing. It definitely turned out better than our snowmen dessert we tried to make for Christmas last year :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We spent the day looking at fabric (to redue our sunroom) and getting a Christmas tree and decorating. I really don't like decorating but I LOVE having a decorated house for Christmas. So..... with some encouragement from Matt we did decorate. Everything is done except the tree and it is in its stand ready to be decorated tomorrow. Maybe I will decorate it during the Ga/Ga Tech halftime tomorrow. Go dawgs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well not much going on here. William has his 3rd tooth coming in. It is also on the bottom. I was told by everyone that it would be the bottom 2 then the top 2 but not with William. He will have 3 across the bottom. He still isn't crawling and doesn't act real interested in doing it but we are working on it daily. He stays quite busy though - always moving in our arms - it is so hard to give him a bottle because he doesn't want to sit still. I am afraid to see how active he will be when he can crawl/walk. Oh Boy!

Julie and I are playing in an informal tennis tournament this weekend. We are so excited. We signed up to play doubles together but not enough 4.0 players signed up so they are splitting us up and putting us with other people so they can put us in the 3.5 bracket. I don't think Julie and I are quite 4.0 players anyway but it is sad we can't play with each other - that would be the first time in a tournament since High School. Oh well, next time. If any of you hear of a tournament near this area (Macon or south of it) let me know - I want to play more!!!! I know Macon has some and I need to know when - Miriam and Cal tell me so I can come up and play! Anyway, hopefully we will get paired with people that are decent and one of us can still win.

Other than that - nothing going on. Hope all is well with everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is me with the two people I am named after!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nothing New

Many of you have asked me if I am blogging anymore - yes when there is something new to blog about. I have been working a lot in the last two weeks (3 days a week) and staying busy. I actually only have to work 3 days this month so that is GREAT! William is growing so fast! I will post some updated pics soon. He is not crawling or moving yet. He has started saying MaMa but he doesn't know what that means. I am now playing tennis weekly and I love playing. I won my match this morning so I am very excited. And that is about it..... boring I know but at least you now realize why I haven't blogged. I promise - as soon as something new or exciting happens in my life - I will blog about it.